Since 2007, the Interfaith Leadership Alliance of Santa Fe has incubated a number of critical initiatives across the community - including the Interfaith Community Shelter, Stand Up for Kindness, and Envision Santa Fe.



Interfaith Community Shelter

Twenty-five people died on our streets in 2005, and 24 in 2006.  Existing agencies were overwhelmed. The Faith Communities of Santa Fe were moved to provide a winter emergency shelter through a largely volunteer effort. 


Envision Santa Fe

Stability, Self-sufficiency, Sustainabiility

Envision Santa Fe is the latest project of the ILA. The ILA provides volunteers from its member faith groups and the community to serve as mentor/advocates to families transitioning from homelessness to permanency and self-sufficiency. With Santa Fe social service agencies providing case management, mentors for each family member help and guide families to acquire housing, furniture, education and skills so that they can maintain independence.



Stand up for kindness

Stand Up for Kindness is a community-wide bullying prevention initiative to remember the power of Kindness. We are inviting everyone to take a stand together so we can foster schools and community where all are treated with respect.