"We want the PRC to reject the PNM plan again and again and again until they put people before profits."
Rabbi Neil Amswych outside the PRC hearing, 4/11/16

The Interfaith Leadership Alliance was established in 2007 by a group of clergy to address social justice needs within the Santa Fe community.


Our Mission

  • To advocate social justice and human rights causes from a faith-based perspective
  • Educate the broader community from faith-based perspectives
  • Convene groups that encourage appreciation of differences
  • Nurture interfaith understanding
  • Enhance human services through religious communities’ resources

The ILA supports this mission with its broad membership of clergy representing many different faiths in Santa Fe.


The ILA has provided an important voice to the community, bringing moral leadership to issues of climate change, homelessness and economic justice.

our goals

  • Understand and respect the differences between faith traditions and philosophies.
  • Build relationships between faith communities.
  • Inspire participation in interfaith programs and events.
  • Implement programs and projects that support the mission.
  • Encourage greater involvement in community issues by congregants.
  • Celebrate, enjoy, and learn from one another.